Weekly Activities

Bible Basics



Bible Basics II
Teacher: Rev. Mary Hilliard
Starting Date: September 4th, 6:15 – 7:30 pm
Location: Robert Moore Room (Room #227)

Bible Basics II is a walk through each book of the New testament.  Each week the class is asked to read the assignment for the upcoming week and a handout is provided for that reading assignment as a review.  Bible Basics is a basic overview of the Bible designed for beginning readers of God’s Holy Word.  It is presented in lecture style with brief periods for questions and comments, as time is limited in covering a great deal of material each session.  Come and discover the joy of reading God’s Word within a fellowship of other seekers of the Truth of God.  There is nothing like ‘being in the Word!’  For those registered to begin September 4, 2013, read lesson 1: The Gospel of Matthew, Chapters 1-14.