Adult Ministry

Sunday Morning Activities

There are a variety of Sunday School Classes at Asbury and each is unique in its own way. Moreover, we always love having people visit and join us! Find a class which interests you and come and join us any Sunday morning at 9:45 am.

The Journey (18-early 40s) – Library

10270470_669376048444_3582869339930738593_nIf you are married, engaged, single, in school, a young professional, have kids, don’t have kids, have kids on the way…this class is for you! We meet on Sunday morning for Bible study, and we also get together once a month for fellowship activities, like going to a ballgame or playing trivia.   For more information about our class, contact Bryan Hall.

Next Phase (Ages 30-40s)  – Room 104


Our class is composed of a large group of young adults. Some of us are married, some of us are single. We gather on Sundays to study the Bible or curriculum based on current events or topics. We also are involved in a variety of service projects as well as join together in social activities for holidays or other special occasions throughout the year.  For more information about our class, contact our class president Jason Stumhofer.


Horizons (Ages 45-65) – Room 103


The Horizons Sunday School Class consists of a diverse group of couples and singles from our 40s to our 60s.  Our class members volunteer to lead our lively Sunday discussions.  Our curriculum includes studying books of the Bible, current events and other related topics.  Ultimately our goal is to draw nearer to God and remain close and accountable to one another.  We enjoy getting together for fun activities and also support Asbury’s outreach projects and church life.  While some of our members have been together for several years, we always welcome visitors and new members to stop in and give us a look.  For more information about our class, contact Richard Duncan.


Foundations (Ages 40-60s) – Room 102


On Sundays, we spend our time studying the Bible. We often pick a book of the Bible and work our way through that book discussing what it means and its importance for our lives today. We invite anyone and everyone to participate in our discussion! Moreover, we are active in the life of the church from being involved in the prison ministry, the music ministry, and beyond. We love our church and love to serve in it.  For more information about our class, contact Mindy Marano.

Emmanuel (Ages 50-60s) – Room 125


We gather each Sunday to discuss Scripture, do an occasional video based study, or have an occasional guest speaker. We are also involved in a variety of mission projects including: Stone Soup (a homeless feeding program), Disability Support Group, and Stew Pot (another feeding program). We are active in our community as well as enjoy getting together to support one another and have fun. We would love for you to be part of our class.  For more information about our class, contact our class president Jim Britt.

Wilson (Ages 60-80s) – Room 121


We are mostly retired and enjoying life.  On Sundays, we typically follow the Adult Bible Study Series curriculum.  Through this Scripture-based curriculum we gain insight into the Bible and are able to apply it to our lives today.  We are involved in a variety of mission or service projects including Methodist Children’s Home, Quapaw Quarter UMC Food Bank, and more.  We gather once a month for a social outing and, on occasion, take a special weekend trip together.  Come join us anytime.  For more information about our class, email our class president, John Sage at

New Directions (Ages 50-90s) – Room 107

New Directions

We’re New Directions– an Asbury Sunday School class where you’ll feel at home here with friendships unsurpassed. There are doctors, lawyers, bankers and clergyman, data processors, teachers, builders and surgeons, secretaries, underwriters, ubiquitous wives, artists and dancers and workers of every size. We study the Bible and apply God’s Word on our lives each day as our prayers are heard. We often gather for a movie, game or meal, or to celebrate birthdays with love we all feel. Come visit us soon, we have room for YOU! We’re an extended family, and we hope you’ll like us too!  For more information about our class, email our class president Charlie Wagner at

Teague (Ages 50s-60s)  – Room 100

Teague Sunday School Class

This welcoming diverse class is open to couples and singles of all ages.  Teague Class members range from those with small children to retirees.  What we have in common is a desire to learn from the scriptures.  We use an annual Standard Lesson Commentary book with weekly Sunday School lessons.  Several class members rotate leading the class study and discussions of the material.  We gather occasionally for social activities and to support church events. Contact Pat Anderson at or Vickie Logan at for more information.


Win One Room (Ages 60+) – Room 120

Win ONe

We are mostly retired individuals who gather each Sunday not only to support one another but to study the Bible together. To do so, we use the Adult Bible Study series, a curriculum which explores books of the Bible. We participate in church wide service projects as well as support many charities and ministries monetarily. Come join us as we grow in grace.  For more information about our class, email our class president Barbara Clark at