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May 10

A Thought: Make It Happen. Make your life happen! Pray to the Lord for wisdom to live life according to the Lord’s purpose for you. Be open to God’s possible changes and opportunities for you, asking for spiritual discernment to determine those possibilities. Ask God for strength to be brave enough to speak up and act forward in the Lord’s […]

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May 9

A Thought: Pray for Others. Today, weather wise, isn’t going to be pretty—temps, rain, clouds, and driving conditions. Pray for the farmers. Too much rain means delayed planting time, which isn’t good. Pray for those cleaning up from storms that they get the help to get their lives back to ‘normal.’ Pray for the victims of yet, another school shooting, […]

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May 8

A Thought: Strength. Every single day we need strength about something. Perhaps, you need strength to forge forward through your treatments; to stick to your health commitments; to ‘hold your tongue’ or your temper; or to respond rather than emotionally react. My legacy passed to me is strong but gentle women. Incredible strength. It made them more beautiful to me […]

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May 7

A Thought: The Light of Presence. Happy Fourth Birthday, Laine Austin!! You have brought light and love into our lives in a mighty way. Your presence makes those around you want to snuggle, laugh, play, dance, sing, pray, and make cookies! Children are such gifts to us in life, reminding us to rediscover curiosity; remember innocence; and respect all aspects […]

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May 6

A Thought: Comfort and Care. LA is just the BEST at giving comfort and care to whom ever is around! She just has the sweetest heart and such a compassionate spirit. Yesterday our church experienced a mixture of sadness in the passing of Rev. David Moore, (who served Asbury as a part-time associate pastor in congregational care, 1996-2016, while working […]

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May 5

A Thought: Continue the Legacy. Laine Austin loves to go to church. To her church. To her Emmi’s church. It doesn’t matter. After any prayer, creed, or hymn, she’ll shout ‘Amen.’ My congregation has heard it. In LAUNCH contemporary worship, hearing the music, she’ll literally dance before the altar of the Lord. She loves Children’s Moments story time and Sunday […]

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