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August 27

A Thought: Don’t Worry! Have you ever heard, “Don’t worry because half the time the things you worry about don’t happen.”? Sure you have–and it’s true. Replace every tendency to worry with an act of prayer and you’ll reinforce your spirit AND your confidence. If the other ” half of the time” does happen, you’ll already be fortified in the […]

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August 26

A Thought: Your capability. Some days we feel a bit more challenged than others. If we’re not careful, we can easily slide into a bit of anxiety. The cure? Remembering to take God with you into that meeting, that conversation; or that proposal or opportunity. Because it’s true that God does not ask you to do anything He has not […]

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August 25

A Thought: Answers. It’s only natural we want answers. In fact, we often demand them.  Whether in work or faith, we challenge ourselves to know more so we can strive for more. Today, go to God first when needing answers. Trust He will guide you where you need to go, for God is always ready to hear what you are […]

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August 24

A Thought: Keeping the Joy. How do you keep the Joy when confronted with the occasional pains which come our way in life? We’ll be wrapping up our series today at Asbury @ 8:30 and 10:45. Come join us, or worship wherever you are! John 16:24 “I have come…that your joy may be complete.”

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August 23

A Thought: Presentations. Every day we present ourselves in some way to the world. At work, we present projects for approval. In our homes, we present our guests with the best hospitality we can provide. In our churches, we present what we hope to be a worshipful environment which evokes inspiration. How will you present yourself to the world today? […]

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August 22

A Thought: Headlines. Headlines announce what’s important for you to know. They tease, lure, and entice you to read further. If YOU were a headline to read today, what would people be encouraged to know about you? Would it include the witness for Christ in some way? Everyday in every way, we are writing our story as we live our […]

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