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Stone Soup- October 25!

What A Fun Day!  Praise The Lord to be able to help and to be able to help alongside such good people!   As custom – here are some notes on the Mission.  Please if you worked and know one of your co-workers isn’t on the email list – Say THANK YOU. Asbury served 130 people in both our Living […]

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August Stone Soup!

Thank you everyone who gave of themselves to work Asbury’s Stone Soup Mission Service August 23rd.   Outside it was not as Hot and Steamy as I predicted, in fact for an August day in Arkansas is was really kind of nice…..outside.  Normally when you step into Quapaw and head down the stairs you get a little cooler as you […]

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June Stone Soup Report!

Asbury Friends in Christ,  THANK YOU for our wonderful volunteers and those God led to visit us last Sunday, June 28th.  Please see some of the ‘goings on’ and ‘happenings’ from our service and please say THANK YOU to those who worked not on our email list and let others know God’s work was good around the church. Lou Teeter […]

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Stone Soup Recap- April 26, 2015

Good morning Stone Soup Friends in Christ.  Per our tradition please see the following recap of Sunday’s Mission.  But 1st…. Prayer Request:   Please be in prayer this morning for Lou Teeter, her family and the Doctors and Nurses working with her.  Lou took a fall at the end of the serving yesterday and fractured her hip.  Today she will undergo […]

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Stewardship– More than Money!

“Stewart Shipp”– Asbury’s foremost expert on giving!  What does the word “stewardship” mean to you? What comes to mind? Stewardship is often associated with giving in the church. Yes, the money that we give to the church is a part of stewardship, but there’s a bigger picture to consider. To serve as a steward means to be a caretaker, but […]

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