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June 8

A Thought: Lots to Do Saturdays! Growing up, Mom would fix pancakes, then there were cartoons, while folding laundry and put up, followed by cleaning up my room, etc.. It was a good plan that I carried on to my own girls when they were children. Saturdays for us in our stage of life, is coffee, breakfast reading the paper(yes, […]

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October 9

A Thought: Celebrate a Child Today. This is a picture I’ve had in my office for many years. I love the mutual joy on both faces of the child and Jesus. This was the picture I was referring to in my message yesterday in worship. Today may we embrace a child with care and encouragement, and personally, embrace their greatest […]

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September 4

A Thought: What is calling You? Sometimes you just need to go—get out and go! What in God’s Creation refreshes and refuels you? Discover that answer then, go and do it! God gave us all this beauty not just for view, but for experience, so we could be replenished in His Spirit. Have a great Labor Day, and say a […]

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May 13

A Thought: When Someone is Troubled and so are You. We know to be kind, encouraging and prayerful when someone is troubled about something, but it is hard to do that well, when you are also stressed. What should you do? First, put your life on ‘pause’ a second and be quiet. This will keep you from saying something you […]

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May 10

A Thought: Think about it! I am borrowing this quote I saw the other day. I should have written down its source, but failed to do so. Yesterday we had a work crew installing something for us, and there was a mishap which will need to be corrected. It took all I had in me to restrain from ‘losing it’ […]

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April 29

A Thought: Timing. At some point, we just have to submit to God and trust He has a plan for you, just as you have a purpose. But sometimes we also realize what we thought was a part of our purpose and thus, a part of His plan, was never meant to be—that it’s not a matter of timing at […]

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