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June 2

A Thought: The New Has Come! On this, the anniversary of my birth, I will serve my final Holy Communion as Asbury’s Sr. Pastor. Communion is a great word. As the Body of Christ, we “come into union” receiving the elements representing our Lord’s Body and Blood, remembering their power in reconciliation to God and one another. This transformation confirms […]

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June 1

A Thought: The Pearl. The gemstone for the month of June is the pearl. Kahil Gibran once said”A pearl is a temple built by pain around a grain of sand. What temple have you become and built around what grains?” Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is like the merchant who sold everything he had to buy the finest pearl. […]

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May 31

A Thought: Timing. I’ve found everything depends on timing. In your head, you can believe it’s the right time for something. In your heart you feel you’re not ready. God gave us a heart and conscience to help us discern the right decision when our head may say something else. Ask God to help you have heart and head to […]

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May 30

A Thought: Seven. Seven is the number of days I have remaining to go to my church office and do my work. Seven is a Holy Number. (Copied from the Bible site): Used 735 times (54 times in the book of Revelation alone), the number 7 is the foundation of God’s word. If we include with this count how many times […]

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May 29

A Thought: Being Prepared. I am hopeful the preparations people are making concerning the flood conditions will be enough to prevent damage. I am prayerful for those who have already lost property, and worse, lives. I am mindful that the best preparation we can do is to our spirit—fortifying it for the inevitable tragedies we encounter in life. Helping others […]

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May 28

A Thought: Back ‘At It!’ Many will be going back to their routine today following the holiday. While a routine is great, life has the potential of daily adventures. When I first began in ministry during college days, I was the children’s summer program director for FUMC, Shreveport. I did my best to be creative with Bible lessons and summer […]

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