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June 16

A Thought: Be a good Dad, if God blesses you with that role. Be a good man, if God blesses you with that role. Be a good woman, to encourage the men in your life to be strong. Happy Father’s Day to all! “Honor your father and mother which is the first commandment with a promise, so that it may […]

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June 15

A Thought: Out of Place, You can Still Grow! Yesterday on my morning walk, I couldn’t help but notice this pink petunia growing through a crack in the curb of the street. What a delightful and odd surprise that was! It must have been dropped when gardeners were planting in the nearby flower bed surrounding the mailbox. Sun and rain […]

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June 14

A Thought: Others’ Opinions. I saw the other day this saying: “The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think.” Although life is more pleasant when people like us, the One whom we should desire to please the most, is God. Step out in faith, integrity and assurance, and God will bless the results of […]

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June 13

A Thought: Your Need. Last Sunday, I gave a witness on my life. I shared the points of struggle; the scripture which the Word supplied which gave me HOPE; and the result EVERY TIME of how God supplied my need. Each life crossroad began in worry, but through Hope and Fortitude, I plunged forward Trusting God would direct me as […]

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June 12

A Thought: Intensity. Can be a negative or positive. With intensity, I slept in a bit today—I can do that now! With intensity, I persisted toward a desired result. The way that intensity is channeled can be a negative. Today focus with intensity toward your desired goal. Be mindful how that is executed. The disciples came to Jesus complaining they […]

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June 11

A Thought: Time to Pray. The beginning of every day is the perfect time to pray. Thank God for your safety through the night; rest; blessings of shelter; a beautiful day and energy to do your work for the day. After praising God, then request your needs for the day. God is faithful and will supply. Our tendency to worry […]

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