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July 2

A Thought: Things in Place. Anybody who knows me very well, knows I practice and appreciate orderliness. I like things tidy and structure is my friend. I find, for me, I’m more effective when I’m not spending time hunting for things. In Creation, we know God practiced order, each creation was followed by another which benefitted from the previous creation. […]

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July 1

A Thought: Asking. “You’ll never know, until you ask.”  That’s something we’ve always heard.  That applies to our God, even though He knows our needs and desires before we ask.  However, it’s in the articulation of our requests that help us really know what is in our hearts.  Think about what you want The Lord to help you learn.  Then, […]

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June 30

A Thought: Mondays. You can approach them with dread because it means ‘downtime’ of the weekend is over; OR you can look forward to them because they represent new opportunities to be more effective in your work and your life.  Actually, both take a certain amount of energy—one drains, the other, uplifts.  Choose this Monday to take Christ with you […]

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June 24

A Thought: On Being Stoic. You’ve heard ‘life happens when you’ve made other plans.’ Well,…it does. There may be a tendency to spare others what you are going through as you do not want to draw attention or pity. On the other hand, sharing with others you need a bit of prayer and encouragement, reminds them and you, no one […]

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May 27

A Thought: Apologizing. A couple of things about apologies: 1) Apologizing is not based on whether someone deserves it—it’s about acknowledging your heart’s desire for peace. It’s the right thing to do and you’ll feel better, too. 2) Giving an apology does not guarantee it will be reciprocated. Don’t allow that to be your expectation or motive. Life will be […]

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April 30

A Thought: Anxiety. Everyone has moments when they feel a bit anxious about something. Learn to literally breathe through it: Calms the heart rate, and offers a moment to switch focus from fear to faith. Give it to God who is bigger than the issue or anxiety. He will come through for you and your problem will never be as […]

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