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July 8

A Thought: Acceptance. It occurs to me we we spend a lot of energy struggling to discern what we should and should not accept. So I share with you today this familiar and wonderful prayer: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; The courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the […]

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July 7

A Thought: Patience. A new week often challenges us to push forward and get that project completed; quickly get those demands on our time taken care of; and finally, resolve that situation or make that decision. However, unless these are grounded in prayer and patience, we may be creating mistakes instead of progress. Proceed with cautious prayer and God WILL […]

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July 6

A Thought: Liberty. In worship at Asbury-LR, we’ll be exploring freedom in Christ is not the untethered, but in being connected. Hope to see you there, or be there through the Spirit! Gal. 5:1

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July 5

A Thought: Fishing. Jesus discovered some fishermen who clearly wanted more out of life—to experience a deeper meaning. His bait? The intrigue of following the Truth. Don’t you know they saw this man in complete harmony, mission focus, and joy and said to themselves, ” I want to be like that!” So they followed Him, and their faithful discipleship led […]

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July 4

A Thought: Freedom. There are all kinds of freedoms, but none come without sacrifice. Gal.5:1 ” For freedom Christ has set us free.”

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July 3

A Thought: Doctors. Most of us go to a physician at least once a year for our wellness exam. Then, like cars,we go see them when we need a tune-up or repair. We are thankful for doctors and their knowledge to help in healing. But, unlike our bodies, our spirits need daily repair. A once-a-year experience won’t heal nor will […]

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