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November 5

A Thought: Move Forward in Faith. So maybe your candidate won; maybe they didn’t. One thing is for sure: We need to pray for our government that the decisions made take our country in a positive, progressive and safe direction. The campaign ads are over(rejoice, Amen!) and now is time to replace every temptation to complain, with an action of […]

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November 4

A Thought: Life is…. It’s funny, the very car I praised in my sermon Sunday for its reliability and aid in protecting me when someone ran into me, is the very car which stranded me last night. While I waited in the dark, in the rural Arkansas woods to be rescued, I prayed through my fear. I looked up, thankful […]

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November 3

A Thought: Simple Faith. We tend to complicate things which are fairly simple, and that can apply to our faith. So, here’s what matters: Thank God for what you have. Trust God for what you need. 1 Thess. 5:18 “Thank God in everything no matter what the circumstances may be, be thankful and give thanks, for this is the will of […]

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November 2

A Thought: The Saints. I love this worship experience we participate in today, as we remember those who have shaped our lives in faith. Ps.116:15 says “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” God is thankful when we honor Him in our living, and our dying. We’ll be celebrating the completed course of faith […]

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October 31

A Thought: BEHAVE! That’s all!

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October 30

A Thought: This Day. THIS day holds healing for some; decision-making for others. THIS day will usher a plan for some; an opportunity to practice the patience of waiting for others. THIS day needs a prayer prayed by some; answered for others. THIS day proclaims “Get off your duff and do it!” for some; and tells others: “Hold off! Not […]

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