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June 22

A Thought: It is Good to Anticipate. Tony planted these a few weeks back. I love peonies—their fragrance and Southern elegance are some of God’s greatest beauties. I look forward to their appearance in season. What blessings are you planting now in hope they produce? Helping the homeless? Tutoring a child? Planting seeds of faith in reading the Word? Cultivating […]

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June 21

A Thought: Debris after the Storm. On my walk yesterday, I took this pic showing the debris following Wednesday’s storm. I’m reminded we leave ‘debris’ when we undergo or initiate a ‘storm.’ Some storms are necessary as the air is cleared. Others are self-induced, as if punishing one’s self as emotions pinned in, erupt. That too, can be cleansing. Just […]

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June 20

A Thought: Interrupted Scape. On the Buffalo River here in Arkansas, the river over time, has carved through a mountain to divide these bluffs. They are spectacular to behold. One’s loud voice will echo off of them. In winter we have been on the river to see and hear ice cracking and falling off of them. In life, it seems […]

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June 19

A Thought: “Pearl.” I guess I’m on a ‘nature’ theme this week! This is ‘Pearl,’ my grand dog. Pearl was a rescue. She has NO idea how blessed her life was when our younger daughter found her and adopted her after several unsuccessful attempts to find an owner. This is the most cuddly, affectionate, LAZY sweet dog you’ll ever meet. […]

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June 18

A Thought: Perspective. When I drive along the road leading to our home, often I see a black squirrel. The first time I saw him, I was amazed—I had never seen one before. Suddenly a creature I held with disdain because of their propensity to scare away the birds and eat their birdseed, was now a thing to behold because […]

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June 17

A Thought: Where Does it Go? We viewed this beautiful waterfall on our hike Saturday to Devil’s Den State Park. Comes from a spring, a source deep within, and collects in a pool, a source for life. Our emotions are a lot like this waterfall: they come deep from within; have a particular source or cause; and spill out uncontrollably, […]

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