June 9

A Thought. Give God the Glory. We all have moments in our lives that are meaningful to us. To give God the Glory for those moments is not only right, it increases the meaning in a powerful way. Today marks the end of my professional ministerial journey: 40 yrs since I was licensed to preach and 35 yrs active service in serving United Methodist Churches in Arkansas. It has been a wonderful way to meet and minister to many people. I can truly say all of my friends (except those from grade school) I met through the Church. Those I am closest to in my life and relationships are from my time in the Church. The love of my life, Tony Hilliard, I met …in church. My calling was nurtured in the Church. So…I part today from my clergy work, but will continue to pastor and minister as God gives me opportunity—-
You don’t ‘retire’ from that. And I will say THANK YOU to my family and friends for walking this journey with me in love and faithfulness. God bless you all!
(My last services today at Asbury 1700 Napa Valley, LR., are 8:30 and 10:45 with reception and video of ministry st 9:30–come if you can! Love you!) Phil, 4:4 “ Rejoice Always.”

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