June 10

A Thought: Snapshots. Here are just a few of the pics from yesterday’s worship service of our retirement in ministry. I’m sure there are more to come, as my best friend was snapping away with her camera! But here are a few taken from a distance with their phone. We never got a family photo, as we were rushed to get there and rushed from reception to next service, then rushed to get back home. But that’s ok, because I saw the smiles and tears of each of my family members and those expressions of love will be forever imbedded in my heart. What I love about these particular snapshots I DO have, is that they represent the heart of my ministry. If a church did not have an after school children’s program, then, I started one.
I always loved going to visit the elderly—beginning with my grandmother on through the years to shut-ins. Those visits Blessed me more than I did them, probably. Then, Tony and I have sung in every choir of every church. The smaller churches, sometimes he served as the choir director. The final pic is of us standing in front of those gathered at the reception. The people of God are the most gracious people on the planet. The comments made by some of our church leaders yesterday were humbling to hear and so full of love and appreciation. I will never be able to thank Asbury UMC enough for their love, support, and eager participation in ministry. If you are ever looking for a church home, look no further than Asbury!Ministry is some of the hardest work you will ever do, but some of the most fulfilling in spirit. May whatever your calling be, you find it rewarding in Christ! Happy Monday!
Ecclesiastes 9:10 “Whatever you do, do well.”

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