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May 6

A Thought: Comfort and Care. LA is just the BEST at giving comfort and care to whom ever is around! She just has the sweetest heart and such a compassionate spirit. Yesterday our church experienced a mixture of sadness in the passing of Rev. David Moore, (who served Asbury as a part-time associate pastor in congregational care, 1996-2016, while working […]

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May 5

A Thought: Continue the Legacy. Laine Austin loves to go to church. To her church. To her Emmi’s church. It doesn’t matter. After any prayer, creed, or hymn, she’ll shout ‘Amen.’ My congregation has heard it. In LAUNCH contemporary worship, hearing the music, she’ll literally dance before the altar of the Lord. She loves Children’s Moments story time and Sunday […]

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May 4

A Thought: Closeness. (Continuing in Pre-Birthday Tribute to Laine Austin). While this almost four year-old entertains herself well with art, dolls and toys, she wants to be close. As all of us, security means being in touch with those whom we trust. Trust reinforces Love. The same can be said of our relationship with God. The more we trust God, […]

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May 3

A Thought: Helping. Again, in celebration of our granddaughter’s fourth birthday coming up, I’m lifting up some of her wonderful childlike qualities we should all remember to embrace each day. Here’s a pic of her helping her Dad paint her baby brother’s nursery last fall. It just makes me smile, that at three and a half years old she wanted […]

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May 2

A Thought: Childlike Fun. This is our granddaughter’s birthday week. She’ll be four years old. Each day Im lifting up a trait of her character reminding us we are all children of God. Today, I lift up FUN. We adults sometimes forget to have a moment of fun each day. A light-hearted attitude is good for the soul and more […]

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May 1

A Thought: Be Careful. Words can either praise or poison. Yesterday I heard both. In response to the praise I was humbled. In response to the poison, I was sad and dismayed. You and I have to know: Words of Praise for others lift the soul and glorify God. Words of Poison are all about self—the inability to control the […]

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