May 5

A Thought: Continue the Legacy. Laine Austin loves to go to church. To her church. To her Emmi’s church. It doesn’t matter. After any prayer, creed, or hymn, she’ll shout ‘Amen.’ My congregation has heard it. In LAUNCH contemporary worship, hearing the music, she’ll literally dance before the altar of the Lord. She loves Children’s Moments story time and Sunday School. At night she says her prayers, and before meals, she leads the table ‘Grace.’ Her great great grandfather, her great grandfather, and her grandmother, Emmi, have all served the UMC as pastors. Whether she becomes one or not, doesn’t matter. She loves the Lord and worship of the Lord. THAT’S what matters! How are you going to continue the legacy of faith today?
Happy Sunday! “I was glad when they said unto me, ‘Let is go into the house of the Lord!’ “

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