May 13

A Thought: Happy Mother’s Day. I’m thankful for my mother and Granny who both taught me how to be a Mom. As I post these pics, I have one thought: “ Death does not destroy Love. It can’t.” I’m thankful to my precious, loving husband, Tony, who along with God, allowed me to be a Mom. I’m thankful to Katie and Kara, who give me the honor to be their Mom. Sometimes I was ‘spot on;’ other times, not so much. I’m sure I allowed commitment to my church work to prioritize over my role as ‘Mom.’ I must have done something right, though, because Katie is an incredible Mom to Camden and Laine Austin and Kara is nurturing to her family and ‘Pearl.’ So, whatever your role today, embrace it, be thankful, and look for opportunities to love the unloved. John 19:26-27 “ Behold your mother. Behold your son.”

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