March 31

A Thought: What Makes Something Special? Last Sunday, no electricity brought an unexpected intimate candlelight service. This weekend, a grandchild expressing genuine love and ‘missing you’ when not there—priceless. Seeing a grown daughter applying values to her own family, and taking note ‘we must have done something right’ in parenting. Seeing another daughter be such a loving, animated aunt to her niece and nephew. Watching a bumble bee go into a ‘nectar coma’ from feasting on a daffodil—was a lesson in nature. Having a great dinner with wonderful friends—so fabulous! Today, worshiping our One Supreme Lord with my church family, and baptizing 5 grandchildren (a first for my ministry!)—now That’s Special! Today, find the extraordinary, perhaps, among the ordinary and have a Great Day! Phil. 4:4 “ Rejoice Always!”

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