April 6

A Thought: Searching. A Family is hoping, praying, and searching for a young woman missing in Uganda. Another family is searching for a little boy missing for 8 years, and a young man poses a hoax to lead others to believe he had been found. Political parties search to discredit one another. This is just a small sample of the news this week. And we wonder why we are a people who seeks to distract or numb ourselves from reality! While some searches are quite worthwhile, the rationale and substance of others, seems futile. The search that helps all is searching the Word, the guidance of the Spirit, the confession of the soul, lending to the peace of Christ. Happy ‘Hunting’ in your ‘search’ this Saturday! Mt.6:33 “But seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you, as well”

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