March 13

A Thought: Mistakes. Some times you have to suffer consequences of not your mistakes, but that of others. Staff at a medical facility didn’t follow through with an appointment made through another office months ago. When I called to confirm yesterday, I discovered there was no appointment. My doctor needed the results of a test in order to move forward with their appointment with me.
So they ‘worked me in’ for 7:30 this morning! Pretty sure I’ll arrive at the same time they come to work! I’m grateful I was able to get an appointment albeit inconvenient. That’s life. A domino affect is not always due to our carelessness. But what matters is how we allow it to affect us. Jesus dealt with life’s interruptions and others’ misunderstandings all the time. He taught us to believe in the best, trust God, practice truth, compassion, and genuine holiness. The woman who literally put in her two cents worth, gave God her all. Today may we follow likewise—giving our all, beginning with character and understanding. Happy Wednesday! Luke 21:2 “He also saw a poor widow put in two small copper coins.”

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