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March 28

A Thought: Resolution. I love resolution. Like many, ‘hanging in the air’ situations can cause anxiety. Impatience can brew when waiting on answers, matters to be cleared. Resolution brings understanding and clarity. Jesus practiced resolution in both action and word. Today, why not bring resolution to something once and for all, to something you have been procrastinating to bring to […]

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March 27

A Thought: Try to Get it Right! “It” is what’s truly important: Practicing authenticity, patience, kindness, servanthood with love, and Trust in God. Happy Wednesday! Rom. 8:28

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March 26

A Thought: Thoughtfulness. It takes very few words or very few gestures of kindness to be thoughtful toward someone. Opening a building door as someone is about to walk through it; picking up something someone dropped; opening a car door; noticing something in which to remark you care for that person. Thoughtfulness is not always appreciated in giving material things […]

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March 25

A Thought: Busy Week, Blessed Week. Lots will take place this week as essential business is taken care of to fulfill the Mission. Yesterday we worshipped without electric power, but the Power of the Holy Spirit more than compensated for what we lacked in convenience. We were focused on the Mission of refueling in the Spirit in our worship to […]

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March 24

A Thought: No Place I’d Rather Be. It is not my church. It is God’s. It is not my church family. It is the Greater Family of God’s. It is not my Word. It is God’s. Come, listen to His Word, in His Church, with His Family. Then, let us Sing His Praises heard all the way to the Heavens! […]

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March 23

A thought: The Choice to Change Your Chance for Joy is all yours! Prov. 3:5-6. Happy Saturday!

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