February 17

A Thought: God Shows Up in the Unexpected. Lots of people feel the Old Testament is irrelevant. They don’t like the way God is portrayed—smiting people off the face of the earth with no problem doing that. The thing is: Did God do that or their sin? When God takes someone before we are ready, couldn’t it be the suffering He knows they are experiencing or about to experience? That God is , was, and forever shall be, our God of mercy! Today I’m preaching on Elijah, a mighty prophet of God, who even in his success, became depressed and felt like a failure. He didn’t find God in the WIND, fire, or earthquake, but rather, in a still, small, voice.
(We’re having a tornado drill at the very end of each service to commemorate this scripture!)
Happy Sunday! 1 Kings 19:1-12

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