January 7th

A Thought: Numbers. Numbers are just that—Numbers. They are helpful in keeping track of things. They are interesting to note certain occasions. For instance, Tony remarked I would probably turn this number on my odometer as I was coming home from Fayetteville seeing the kids.  (Don’t tell him he was right!) Numbers must be important to God. God created the order of the universe and its contents in six days and took the seventh day to rest. He taught us to ‘number’ our days to grow a heart of wisdom. Ps. 90:12 God even has a book in His Word named Numbers—the story of Israel’s journey to the Promised land which was inhabited by the next generation. This book emphasizes the importance of trust and faithfulness in God. Have a Marvelous Monday and experience a ‘number’ of blessings as you also become a blessing to others!

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