January 29

A Thought: Keep Your Humor. Yesterday we had plumbing problems at church. It was a ‘stinker’ of a situation. We coped and adjusted. During staff meeting, I thanked God for people who are willing to do that kind of work. Bless them! We also had a moment following a funny story I told which broke the unpleasantness we had experienced that day. We were all in tears we were laughing so hard.
Jesus surely laughed with joy after someone was healed in body and spirit by Him or through the power of the Holy Spirit, as he witnessed them leap for joy or skip away due to His miracle.
So practice a moment of humor today—it can be a ‘game changer!’ Acts 3:8 “After John and Peter healed the man, the man got up and leapt for joy and danced around and entered the temple with them.”

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