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January 30

A Thought: Getting Used to the ‘New Normal.’ It’s called adjustment. Acceptance. We do it all the time. We hear of a mass shooting and we are no longer shocked—saddened, but not surprised. We observe such casual, sometimes almost inappropriate public behavior, and excuse it to ‘the times.’ In our personal lives, someone is struggling and we are helpless, except […]

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January 29

A Thought: Keep Your Humor. Yesterday we had plumbing problems at church. It was a ‘stinker’ of a situation. We coped and adjusted. During staff meeting, I thanked God for people who are willing to do that kind of work. Bless them! We also had a moment following a funny story I told which broke the unpleasantness we had experienced […]

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January 28

A Thought: You Can Do This! When you feel immensely challenged, remember you are not alone. You have the greatest resource of strength and help waiting to give you ‘a boost’ : The Lord. Jesus drew into God’s Word in His greatest need, the Cross. When He cried out” My God, my God, Why have you forsaken me?” He was […]

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January 27

A Thought: What’s Wrong? Worry. We all do it. Since the beginning of time, worry has been something people do periodically. Jesus said don’t do it. There’s lots of reasons why He said that. Today I’m going to share those reasons. If you can, I hope you’ll join us at Asbury UMC 1700 Napa Valley, LR. 8:30 and 10:45. Have […]

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January 26

A Thought: The Little Victories. We all get so caught up in the ‘Big Battle’ we’re trying to conquer, that we forget to be thankful and celebrate the little victory. Everyone has something they are trying to improve or grow stronger about in their life. Jesus got hit from all sides—if it wasn’t the hierarchy after Him, it was the […]

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January 25

A Thought: Make the Most of Your Day! Ready to be focused today. Things need tending to, and so do I, a bit. Whatever is on your plate today, focus and believe you can do it. Remember to pray about it all before you begin a thing! Have a great Friday! Phil. 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ […]

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