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November 29

A Thought: Getting Your Attention. The seasonal commercials have stepped up doing whatever they can to grab your attention. Popular yule songs and animated action figures, just to name a few, are utilized to see if they’ll capture you away from what you’re doing. Since I’m telling you about this, it obviously worked! What does God have to do to […]

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November 28

A Thought: Like Clockwork. Devotional Thought is a little later today as my annual sinus infection set in(Lovely) 🙄 But I’m thanking God it is earlier in the month, than later, as there is a LOT going on in the next three weeks! Today take care of yourself and do what you can to ward off illness, including not exposing others to […]

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November 27

A Thought: Giving Tuesday. Giving takes all forms. There’s the drive for coats; the drive for food; the angel tree for toys and clothes for kids; the drive for giving to your favorite charity. If $$ is a bit tight, there’s giving your time; serving as a ‘Big Brother or Sister’ to someone; serving in a soup kitchen; working for […]

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November 26

A Thought: Reindeer Games! This lil’ reindeer came to see us and kept us moving over the holiday weekend. We went to the park, climbed ladders to slide; swung on swing sets; played Simon Says; took walks; saw the new Grinch movie; and made cookies, of course! It is good to be around children who love doing things we adults […]

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November 25

A Thought: Waiting. What is the value in waiting? Christians will be entering a time of waiting next week as they prepare for Advent. Waiting forces us to be patient, which most of us need to learn to be. Waiting also develops character and blesses us in strength. May God bless you in whatever matter you find yourself waiting. God […]

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November 23

A Thought: Something to think about…

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