October 31

A Thought: Make Believe. Just a few pics of Halloween pasts. (Katie and Channin are wearing that same ‘Bun in the oven’ costume this year as baby#2 is due Christmas week!) As kids, we enjoyed dressing up as super heroes or characters. The ‘kid’ in all of us still enjoys that. ‘Make Believe’ is great when it takes you to harmless imagination. It is only harmful to ourselves and others when we are not authentic to who we are. Jesus asked the disciples” Who do you believe I am?” They said, “Some say a prophet, others John the Baptist or Elijah come back to life.” “ Who Do you believe I am?” Jesus asked. Peter spoke up and said, “ You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God!” Jesus said, “You are right.”
Lk.9:20 Happy Hallows Eve, all! Be safe

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