October 29

A Thought: Home. What constitutes ‘home’ for you? Yesterday after church, I joined about 20 people from my church in feeding approximately 100 homeless people. As I served alongside my church members giving generous portions of food to each person, I knew each had a story of how their life had gotten to this point. Life had beaten them down most likely from poor choices they made; abuse they had either suffered or self-inflicted; and either didn’t have the resources or commitment to turn their situation around. And it could be anyone of us. Life can change in an instant: you lose your home to a fire, storm, bankruptcy. You lose your job. You lose your health. You lose your relationships due to trust issues. And many lose their faith. Home is where there is mutual love, respect, commitment and truth. Home is where you feel safe within yourself. Home is where you feel God. My heart goes out to the homeless this morning—the refugees fleeing the tragedies of life. Let us pray, help, and hope they discover their internal and eternal…Home
Have a Miraculous Monday!
Prov. 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart…He will direct your path.”

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