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October 31

A Thought: Make Believe. Just a few pics of Halloween pasts. (Katie and Channin are wearing that same ‘Bun in the oven’ costume this year as baby#2 is due Christmas week!) As kids, we enjoyed dressing up as super heroes or characters. The ‘kid’ in all of us still enjoys that. ‘Make Believe’ is great when it takes you to […]

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October 30

A Thought: A New Invasion of Privacy. Wow! With fewer land lines to call and annoy you, now we have political candidates having people text you hoping for your vote on behalf of their spouse, friend, etc… Really?? Of course, I text back not only am I not voting for their candidate, but I tell them who I am voting […]

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October 29

A Thought: Home. What constitutes ‘home’ for you? Yesterday after church, I joined about 20 people from my church in feeding approximately 100 homeless people. As I served alongside my church members giving generous portions of food to each person, I knew each had a story of how their life had gotten to this point. Life had beaten them down […]

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October 28

A Thought: Why Do We Worship? Because there is a need greater than even your need—someone out there needs your prayers because they are in a tougher place than you. Why Worship? Because there is One who loves more than you love; helps more than you can; is wiser more than you are; and will never leave you. That One […]

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October 27

A Thought: Experience Your Playtime. Saturdays growing up were always about cartoons, pancakes, chores and sleepovers or playtime with friends. This Saturday I get to see Laine Austin model her Halloween mermaid costume, make Jack’ O Lantern cookies, and play microphone singing and dancing. Perfect weekend with my Lainey Bug! Today do something that brings you joy—-it’s that important. Happy […]

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October 26

A Thought: Some Days You Just Need Some Emmi Time! Yep, time to be with my grand baby who is not so much a baby any more! It’s important to surround yourself with people who love and lift you up. You cannot keep filling others when your own reservoir is running dry. So fill yourself up with God and God’s […]

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