September 6

A Thought: Fill Up Your Reservoir!
Last night I began teaching my Study on Psalms. It was a wonderful group of ladies who truly love the Word and the Fellowship which accompanies other Believers’ desire to be strengthened through its Wisdom. As a pastor, my role involves feeding the flock through preaching, teaching, counseling and pastoral care. Occasionally, I am aware I need to fill up my spirit because I am running a bit on empty. The beauty of Bible Study is, even though I am teaching, I am also being filled by the appreciation, discussion and sharing by others’ witness in the study group. How are you being filled in your spiritual reservoir? What initiative are you taking to make sure that happens? It’s important to your overall physical, mental and emotional health. Have a Thankful Thursday! Rom. 15:13 “May God, the source of hope, fill you with all joy and peace by means of your faith in Him, so that your hope will continue to grow by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

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