September 2

A Thought: “When Peace Like a River Attends My Soul..” Such a great opening to a great Hymn, “It is Well With My Soul.” “How is it with your soul?” was a historical question John Wesley would ask his clergy. There have been times for all of us in which circumstances surrounding us, would try to cause unrest in the peace within us. The only way that can take hold is if you let it. Christ gives us the peace of knowing we are with Him now and eternally. If we will trust and believe that truth, no external happenings can shake that peace. Focus on the Lord’s peace within your soul to combat the world’s irritations. Your inner strength from God’s Peace is a great influencing witness that knowing Christ truly makes a difference. Hold on to your Peace—it’s ironically, the best way to Share it! Phil. 4 “May the Peace of Christ which passes all understanding keep your mind and your heart…”

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