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September 16

A Thought: How? From time to time, people have asked me “How do I tell others about Christ?” I tell them they have the most important part: Desire. Then, pray for the opportunity and the Lord will supply the words to share. Today, I’m going to share a bit more in depth about how to do that. The world needs […]

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September 12

A Thought: Take the Little Things and feel a Big Difference! Aromatic candles burning; an unexpected smile; taking a walk; entertain a visitor; buying a gift for someone you love; giving yourself a treat; saying a heartfelt prayer for someone..and also, yourself. These are just a few little things that bring a big bonus of subtle joy. Life has pretty […]

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September 11

A Thought: A Day in Our Life. Seventeen years ago, the unthinkable happened. Yet, we know there have unfortunately, been many days in our lives where the unthinkable has happened. With 9/11, there are mass numbers. Each life lost in this world touched another life, somewhere, at some time. As tragic as loss of life is due to terror, kidnapping, […]

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September 10

A Thought: It’s Simple. Every thing is about choice. Every action is about motive. Every person is about survival. Now, the hope is always: you choose wisely; your actions produce good; and you thrive rather than merely survive. So take it one day at a time—decide you will not succumb to the easy, but catapult to excellence in every way. […]

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September 9

A Thought: Keep It Clear. Your Mind. Your Heart. Your Focus. Clarity is so important. Your mind may want to wander to something else. Your heart may say one thing one minute, and something else the next. But I’ve learned when either of those things happen, return to God to clarify your focus to His focus. What is His Plan? […]

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September 8

A Thought: Your Words. Something we take for granted every day are our WORDS. Words have great power—they can challenge or soothe; inquire or inspire. They also convey ‘tone’ or attitude. Choose your words carefully today—you’ll be glad you did. Have a great Tuesday! Jeremiah 15:16 “When your words came, I ate them for they were my joy and my […]

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