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September 28

A Thought: You Never Know…Last night I received a text asking to cite God’s Presence to the lives of His people. I began to cite Abraham, Moses, Esther, Jesus, and Peter… Then, I mentioned objects of Creation throughout the Bible where God has made His Presence Known: The rainbow; the pillar of cloud and smoke; the dove: the wind, …The […]

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September 27

A Thought: Believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in the potential for others. Believe in your purpose. Most of all, Believe in God. His promises are throughout the Bible. When you are going through a storm, remember only better things come out on the other side. Be patient and wait upon the Lord, but remember to do what you can as […]

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September 26

A Thought: Taking a Walk. Had daughter #2 in town yesterday for one of her business meetings. She had supper with us and then we took a walk afterwards. We had wonderful conversation and enjoyed being outside as we visited. I imagine Jesus and the disciples had many, many conversations on their walks as they travelled from village to village. […]

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September 25

A Thought: Time Shared in Conversation. Yesterday, as with every Monday was full of meetings—the final one over about 7:30 pm. Every conversation I had was productive and/or educational. One conversation took three different paths from evaluating and celebrating, teaching, sharing and into building relationship. Come to think of it—-most conversations envelope those elements in one form or another. Jesus’ […]

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September 24

A Thought: It’s Going to Be Good. Things aren’t what you wished they were right now. You have to wait. You have to take steps to change—your attitude, your presence, your energy, and your strength of faith and purpose. On this beginning of a new week, how will you seek and witness your assurance that God is working things out? […]

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September 23

A Thought: Covenant and Commitment. These are binding decisions. God is committed and in Covenant with you and with me. As Believers in Christ, that also means we are in Committed Covenant with one another. That’s how the Kingdom is far different than the world. Today at Asbury, we will come to the altar and dedicate our stewardship commitments to […]

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