August 6

A Thought: Be Blessed. These two women were both teachers and shared today as their birthday, while on this earth. The one on the left was my mother; on the right, Tony’s mother. We knew we would have an instant conflict to figure out which mother to go to visit out of town that day🤣🤔! My mother was the daughter of a Methodist minister; Tony’s, the wife of one. Yesterday while preaching in the Celebration service, I got a bit teary thinking of ‘Jesus Moments’ throughout life, and remembering one at Mom’s death. The strength of the Lord got me through that; my love for her surfaces in tears of joy in missing her. Isn’t it great when someone has been a part of your life that has had SUCH a great impact? My hope is that my life has/will impact someone to love Jesus, others, and pass it on. Happy Monday! Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

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