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July 2

A Thought: It’s Real. When people are hungry for positivity; when other people have dedicated themselves to excellence in an offering to the Lord; and when there is an expectation of blessing; then all these elements merge to receive the fullness of the Spirit in worship. And that was what was REAL in yesterday’s worship service. We left full. Full […]

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July 1

A Thought: What Frees You? The answer to that varies from person to person when thinking about freedom in this world. But for Believers, there is only one answer: Jesus. We’ll remember that gift today in our worship. All are invited. Asbury UMC, 10 a.m. Patriotic service with Choir, trumpets, flags and drums. 1700 Napa Valley Little Rock, AR GAL. […]

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June 30

A Thought: Standing in the Light. Tony and I watched a recorded AGT(America’s Got Talent) Show which contained an audition from a contestant who had dealt with a lifetime issue. He wrote a song and sang it entitled ‘ Standing in the Light,” based on the revelation of self-truth. Jesus said, “I am the Light of the World,” meaning He […]

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June 29

A Thought: Will. A Will is an intent. I WILL do this or I WILL do that. It’s our intent. It differs from I may or I can. I WILL means I commit to do something. A Will for your estate of assets means you intend a certain distribution to certain persons. So, what WILL you do today? What is […]

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