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July 9

A Thought: Some Days are Harder Than Others. A memory triggers your thoughts and changes your mood. You didn’t get good rest the night before. You’re worried or worried about someone who is worried. You know you should function this day with hope, but doubt is trying to overwhelm your hope. Life is predictable in that it will be unpredictable. […]

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July 8

A Thought: Sunday. It’s always been ‘Church day’…that day set aside to focus on God’s love in Christ Jesus. And Church has always been a refuge of fellowship and prayer with friends; delights of children; music of Heaven; and inspiration to give back to the world in the name of Christ. Church must be all those things. When Church becomes […]

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July 7

A Thought: Summer Breeze. It’s amazing the difference a Summer Breeze can make in the summertime heat. Jesus compared its refreshment to the body to the Holy Spirit’s refreshment to your soul. Tomorrow we’re continuing at Asbury Church our series, “ Songs of Summer,” by looking at the 1972 hit by Seals and Croft, ‘ Summer Breeze.’ If you’re in […]

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July 6

A Thought: Take that deep breath, pray a prayer, and Be Brave! To live is to risk, so pray for God’s guidance and move forward. Timing is very important, so look for God’s ‘openings,’ God’s signs. Mark 5:36 “Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”

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July 5

A Thought: Explosion. Usually the word ‘explosive’ or ‘explosion’ notes volatility or fiery damage. Fireworks are one of the few ways you can mention these two words and the result is beauty. Fire and smoke burst forth in color against the sky. This Thursday make sure any explosive actions or words you may ignite, don’t leave damage, but spark thoughtfulness […]

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June 3

A Thought: Found! 13 children from Thailand found alive in a cave after ten days of no light, no food, no sign of being discovered. Friends, miracles still happen and Hope is still very much alive! Today, as you do your work and navigate through your day, keep hope alive and look for the miracles—both big and small. They are […]

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