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July 18

A Thought: Life Lesson #3 From Laine Austin. Always Add Your Own Flair to Things! Why settle for ordinary, when you can create extraordinary?! Cookies can be plain or you can add color, flavor and/or texture to make them yummier! That’s like our life: we can go through life “settling” for the routine, or we can intentionally plan or seek […]

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July 17

A Thought: Life Lesson #2 From Laine Austin: Sometimes you just have to ‘float with it.’ When life doesn’t go your way, sometimes you just have to ‘float/go’ with it! We try to achieve a desired result or meet a certain deadline and it just doesn’t come through the way we wanted. We pray hard for a different outcome and […]

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July 16

A Thought: Life Lesson #1 From Laine Austin: Take Time to Dance! To cool off and to offer Laine Austin great Americana, I put “White Christmas” on the tv. LA was enthralled with what she called “ fancy dances”( because of the sequined costumes). It wasn’t long before she said, “ Emmi, will you dance with me?” MELT my heart! […]

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July 12

A Thought: Expectations. Everyone wants to please. No one gets up in the morning and says, “I wonder how many people in how many different ways, I can annoy or disappoint today?” We instead get up, get into our routine and do the best we can. For some, that will be appreciated; for others, it won’t be enough. Do your […]

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July 11

A Thought: News. News today is not news tomorrow. It’s only news tomorrow if you haven’t heard it yet. Our salvation in Christ is “Good News” every day. It’s only “old news” if you take it for granted and don’t embrace it every day. For some, the “ Good News” is News because they haven’t heard about it yet. That’s […]

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July 10

A Thought: How Do You Do It? Have you ever had that said to you? Probably. Usually said due to your stamina, perseverance or determination about something, someone expresses their admiration. Don’t we most often do what we have to do? I can remember difficult times in which commitment and love fueled me forward. The real ‘fuel’ was Faith. I […]

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