July 27

A Thought: Just Wait a Little Longer…We don’t like to hear those words—not from anyone. A woman almost ready to give birth wants the delivery to be sooner, not later. Waiting for your home to sell is another example. Waiting for your wedding day can seem like it takes forever. Or even watching your loved one suffer…”Please Lord, not much longer.” And we sure don’t like to hear these words fromGod. Yet, God’s timing is intentional and perfect. He doesn’t cause bad things to happen, but in His time He will reveal to us some kind of blessing even in the worst things which happened in our lives. God is good and loving that way. So today I pray a prayer of patience for us all. “This too shall pass,” is not as trite as it is wise. Happy Friday, all!
Ps. 46:10 “ Be Still And Know I am God. Wait patiently; for I will reveal in time My Will.”

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