July 25

A Thought: A Break. Notice the less humidity? We’ve received a late summer ‘break.’ It’ll return because we live in Arkansas. But, we need to be grateful for the ‘breaks’ in life we get, and thank God for them. We need to pray others going through fires, floods, etc will also soon experience a break in their current situation. When we receive or offer a ‘break,’ it’s called Grace…it’s undeserved…it’s just given. All around you today are people struggling silently with a situation who need a ‘break.’ While being authentic with what’s going on, still deal with them with kindness and grace. It will be the right thing to do; Be a great witness for Christ; and it will soften their burden, not add to it. Have a Wonderful Wednesday! Luke 6:31 “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

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