July 23

A Thought: Life Lesson From Laine Austin #5:
Sometimes You Just Need A Little Help. And That’s Ok! So, riding a bicycle is a matter of practice, understanding and respect. You have to practice your balance, understand to keep the pedals and feet moving at the same time, while one is going up and the other is going down, and respect the surface you are on and the events of traffic, to be safe. Wedecided that might be a bit much for a three year old. But that’s ok—we’ll try again and see how she does. Not succeeding the first time is nearly always the way to success. Often, we must attempt again and again at something before we conquer it, and even then, we may have to accept
It was not meant to be. For instance, I will go to Heaven not ever having done a cartwheel on earth. I’m ok with that! When the disciples were unable to cast out a demon, Jesus said,”Some things can only be done through prayer.” Happy Friday!
Mark 9:29 “He replied, “This kind can come out only by prayer.”

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