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July 31

A Thought: How Does This End? Have you ever wondered that thought when watching a movie or reading a book? We may even ask that question in real life situations. In our faith, we can only hope that each day ends in peace, because our words and actions in each day have reflected justice, love and grace. Today create a […]

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July 30

A Thought: “What Did You Say?” One of my FAVORITE pics of LA as a baby, I wonder what in the world she is thinking! She was too young to speak, process, or comprehend words. So, we learned to interpret her facial expressions—and boy!—that hasn’t changed, for she is quite expressive! Today, as you go about your day, be mindful […]

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July 28

A Thought: Joy. As Tony and I participate in the festivities of a couple’s wedding weekend, it is so uplifting to be surrounded by such JOY. With the nicest friends expressing their greatest love and memories, to both sets of parents doing all they can to make their wedding day special, it is an honor and joy to witness. Joy […]

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July 27

A Thought: Just Wait a Little Longer…We don’t like to hear those words—not from anyone. A woman almost ready to give birth wants the delivery to be sooner, not later. Waiting for your home to sell is another example. Waiting for your wedding day can seem like it takes forever. Or even watching your loved one suffer…”Please Lord, not much […]

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July 26

A Thought: Keep Trying! Today give it your best. Pray for endurance and perseverance when you are not seeing the results you’d like as quickly as you’d like. Keep your support system close to you at all times, and focus on where you’re wanting to go, not where you are. Tony Hilliard shared the importance of concentrating on what’s ahead, rather than […]

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July 25

A Thought: A Break. Notice the less humidity? We’ve received a late summer ‘break.’ It’ll return because we live in Arkansas. But, we need to be grateful for the ‘breaks’ in life we get, and thank God for them. We need to pray others going through fires, floods, etc will also soon experience a break in their current situation. When […]

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