June 24

A Thought: A Stranger. Yesterday I officiated a memorial service for a stranger. I did a little research from the family, so everyone including myself, were a bit more comfortable. He didn’t have a church home, but was in the family of one of my church members. As different family members also said a few words, I realized I felt a bit ‘cheated’ I didn’t know him on this earth. He was apparently a good family man, provider, never met a stranger, and friend to many. He believed in God, but did not worship God with the Body of Christ, the Church. That is where we become strangers again. Because I love God, I must worship Him. To disengage in fellowship and worship with the church in homage to our Lord is as foreign to me as it is to someone who doesn’t. I’m sure God and this man have said and made their peace. And I pray my worship of God is pure and Holy even on days I may not feel pure and Holy. We are all in this world together—let us learn and welcome the ‘stranger,’ even on a day when we may BE that stranger searching for God’s Presence.
Hen. 13:2 “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for by this some have entertained angels unawares.”

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