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June 28

A Thought: The Directions of Your Heart. So many people needing Prayer for so many different reasons: Mourning; Strength; Guidance; Physical Healing. On any given day, as a pastor, people with great need reach out to me. Yesterday was an emotional day. I lost a beloved friend and colleague of whom I’ve known since seminary and visited at length last […]

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June 27

A Thought; Heat Advisory. Wouldn’t it be great if we had ‘Mood Advisory’ or ‘Emotion Advisory,’ or ‘Not My Best Day’ Advisory from co-workers, family members, friends or just random people we meet, before we engage in interaction with them? You’re going about your business and out of left field, here comes a ‘fly ball’(my brief homage to ‘Go Hogs!). […]

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June 26

A Thought: Tripping Up! You’re headed toward a goal and there’s an obstacle, and you trip up. You’re just going through your day,, and something happens, and suddenly you’re off track. In our humanity, we are affected by events. As Christians, BE Effective in your faith in Christ to plow through whatever you are dealing with, knowing Jesus is beside […]

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June 24

A Thought: A Stranger. Yesterday I officiated a memorial service for a stranger. I did a little research from the family, so everyone including myself, were a bit more comfortable. He didn’t have a church home, but was in the family of one of my church members. As different family members also said a few words, I realized I felt […]

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June 23

A Thought: What’s Your Therapy? Everyone deals with something in which they need therapy. Maybe it’s physical or mental or spiritual. Since all three are connected to who we are, they are not necessarily separated. After this morning’s early storm, I felt pulled to go sit out on my back porch. The air is damp and cool and just drinking […]

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June 22

A Thought: On any given day… On any given day you can expect the unexpected; a miracle; a need; an activity; use of your imagination; and an understanding you need to pray. That was my day yesterday, and it happens often containing these occurrences. On other days, I may be preoccupied and unaware, but they are there. When we walk […]

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