May 8

A Thought: Just Look All Round! God’s beauty is all around us—In the smile on a stranger’s face; in the opening of a door in being polite; in the smell and color of the flowers; in the waterfall from the mountain; in the sunrise and sunsets of the day or the wispiness of the clouds. When we no longer pay attention to these things, we have become ‘cluttered.’ We’ve allowed things and problems to overtake our better nature. This is not how God intended you to live. So time to do some ‘spring-cleaning’ of your heart and mind. Look up! Think up! Pray Up! Praise up! That is where you will find God Who will renew your spirit. Happy Tuesday!
(And thank you for your well wishes from Mon post)
Col.3:2 “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. “

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