May 18

A Thought: Just Scrape It Off! At the bottom right corner of the black wrought iron railing in this pic, you’ll see what is known as a ‘boot scraper.’ This was a common sight throughout historic Savannah.
With the dirt roads and cobblestone streets, there was a need to scrape your boots before entering one of Savannah’s fine homes. In life, sometimes we just need to ‘scrape off’ the muck that has entered our lives, so we can see and move ahead a little more clearly. Even Jesus told the disciples if the gospel was rejected in a town, to ‘shake the dust off’ and leave that place behind and move forward. Have a Fantastic Friday as you free yourself from something that’s been boggling you down in the mud! Matt. 10:14 ·” If anyone will not welcome you or listen to you, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that place, as a testimony.”

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