May 17

A Thought: Out Of Place. While walking the historic district of Savannah, admiring the antebellum homes, gingerbread houses, and hundreds-of-years-old massive,sweeping low oaks, this shop seemed a bit out of place. The mannequins were gold plastic which emphasized the shop’s objective: “The Future.” There are times we all feel ‘out of place’—out of our league compared to someone else; out of our element, next to someone who clearly has expertise we are lacking. Instead of immediately feeling inadequate, recognize we all have different life experiences, different educational exposure and expertise, different upbringings, and different gifts and graces. God made each of us unique and very special, and everyone of us is really gifted at one or more things. God didn’t create us to be competing to beat the other out of something. God is only interested in ONE race, that of your faith. So, if you feel a bit out of place, don’t be discouraged—Celebrate it! Have a Thankful Thursday! 2 Tim. 4:7
“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. I have fought the good fight.”

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