May 12

A Thought: What’s Your Tradition?
I just told Tony I miss the ‘breakfast in bed’ tradition when he would cook a bit of breakfast with a rosebud in a vase, presented to me on a tray. But when Mother’s Day is always on Sunday and you wake up before hubby does to review your Sunday message, etc, that kinda’ puts a wrench in that tradition.
Remembering Mother’s Day when the children would bring their handmade cards or little trinkets they bought me from the local gift shop, gives me a warm feeling, as does the memory of getting up early in my childhood and teenage years to bring my mother breakfast in bed with a blooming stem from whatever was growing in her garden. Many women do not have children and this can be a holiday which prompts certain feelings. But we are all on this planet because we had a mother. No matter what your experience with your mother, say a prayer of thanks for her giving you life, and to God, the Creator of ALL your blessings!
“Her children rise up and praise her.” Prov. 31
Thanks kids, for my flowers! 😘

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