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May 31

A Thought: Choices. Today choose what is really important to you and ask “why.” Choose what will be helpful to others and ask “why it is helpful.” And most importantly, choose to say and do what is important to God, and ask “Why does God See this as important?” Choices are important and very revealing, but they are also important […]

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May 30

A Thought: Think Forward. I’ve found when times are tough, to think Forward is to think positive, because HOPE is always in our future. To change the present and shape the future, don’t dwell on the past which you cannot change, but aim for that which you can change through prayerful decisions and plans. This is a new day—don’t waste […]

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May 29

A Thought: Starting Your Week Off Right. Apologies. A couple of things about apologies: 1) Apologizing is not based on whether someone deserves it—it’s partially about giving yourself peace. It’s also about doing the right thing.2) Giving an apology does not guarantee it will be reciprocated, and that doesn’t need to be the goal. Life will be easier if you […]

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May 28

A Thought: Remember and Be Thankful. Someone died so you could live freely. “For freedom, Christ has set us free.” Gal. 5

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May 27

A Thought: Embrace the Day of God’s Gifts!

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May 26

A Thought: You’ll Stay Still Without Some Help. It takes people peddling this thing to reach its destination. If you have a goal, you’ll need: focus, energy, purpose, prayer, and people’s encouragement. So help yourself with all of these, and recommit them each day til you meet your goal! Each part is important—without, you’ll stay the same. Have a Super […]

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