April 22

A Thought: Everyone Has Something They Are Dealing With. Some people are tired, but you don’t know why. Some are proud, but you don’t know why. Some are sad, distant even, and again, there’s no clue “why.” People function forward in their struggles only to discover they need God to be their primary teammate to meet the Goal. Today in my message, we’re looking at the disciples’ dilemma when they believe Jesus has gone and they are left alone. They don’t remember He said He was coming back to them and bringing the Comforter. But Jesus DID come back and He gave them that promised gift—the Comforting Holy Spirit. And He gave them a Huge Message: PEACE.
Peace is NOT illusive for those who practice their belief Jesus will give direction and strength to help them through…whatever. So, Believe and Act… with Christ’s Peace! “Peace be with you.” John 20:19-23


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