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April 27

A Thought: Humor turned… Everyone has their opinion about the Bill Cosby saga, and I’m not soliciting any with this post. I am just reminded how fragile humanity is; how fame and power corrupt; and how far we have to go as a society to recapture morals and ethics. In the midst of all of this, there is not only […]

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April 26

A Thought: Streams. They begin somewhere and merge into another source. Their beauty never stops. They are a source for life to so many. They can offer floating fun and/or fishing. Streams are then, as purposeful as they are beautiful. We are a stream of life for the Lord. Out of us either flows righteousness or unaware and unrepentant sin. […]

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April 25

A Thought: Grandeur. We are easily impressed with gorgeous surroundings, extravagant hospitality, and magnificence of every kind. Yet, some of the greatest majesty and beauty is displayed in God’s creations of all kind. What attracts and motivates you? While beauty is appealing, perhaps even, inspiring, beauty changes over time. Even Creation shifts and erodes, but eventually shall renew. Today, behold […]

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April 24

A Thought: It’s as Simple as That. We make things a lot more difficult than we need to do. We demand more than we should, setting ourselves up for disappointment over and over again. We are hesitant to trust; hesitant to let go of control and hesitant to practice conviction and belief in God. Therefore, we feel defeat. Want to […]

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April 23

A Thought: Patience in Waiting. As we go into a new week, there are new hopes for things to be resolved; projects to be completed; people to connect. In all of these things, the element of time and process are in our awareness. When things don’t go according to our plan or timeline, we can quickly become impatient. My prayer […]

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April 22

A Thought: Everyone Has Something They Are Dealing With. Some people are tired, but you don’t know why. Some are proud, but you don’t know why. Some are sad, distant even, and again, there’s no clue “why.” People function forward in their struggles only to discover they need God to be their primary teammate to meet the Goal. Today in […]

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